Our Story

It’s all about the name.

Our rings are epic because we offer unparalleled quality. From the point of conception until they’re in your hands, we prioritize strength, style, and longevity.

The materials we use are ten times harder than gold, several times harder than titanium, and they will hold their shape until the end of time. That’s because Tungsten, our metal of choice, is timeless and incredibly tough. It won’t wear down or bend, it won’t scratch, and it will shine on as a symbol of love and devotion, forever.

Timeless in function and design. Everlasting by nature.

The process of creating an Epic ring begins with the materials. We take a high-strength tungsten powder and combine it with carbon, which offers amazing strength. Each ring is then compression molded, sintered, and then polished to achieve a remarkably smooth surface and an exquisite shine. We want you to see yourself in these rings.

Materials often don’t come out with vibrant colors, but we make that happen. We embolden each piece with a PVD process, which delivers a rich, luxurious shade of color, permanently evolving the exterior surface. Thin layers of color are deposited to improve the composition, all within a high-temperature, vacuum environment. Tungsten Carbide, which is a natural gray, converts into a deep obsidian black, a beloved rose gold or a brilliant blue — whatever color we deem worthy of your name.

This accomplishes something no rival could ever match. And you, the bearers of these rings, receive longevity, epic design, beautiful craftsmanship, guaranteed durability, and a ring that you’ll never find anywhere else.

The Epic brand was created with these concepts in mind. We hope our rings will keep your lives epic, and your passions hot, as they have ours.

About Us

This is our story. It is truly epic.