Ring Care Guide

Ring Care Guide

It’s a good habit to take it off your ring to let your finger breathe every so often. We recommend before going to bed. This allows your skin to breathe. Wer have included some best practices for keeping your ring shiny and cool-looking:

Wood Rings

Our standard rings are water-resistant, not waterproof. Our jeweler has sealed the wood with a durable jewelry resin. This resin is robust, but  remember not to swim or shower with your ring. Soap and light water works well to wash it. But do not submerge it in water. If the wood inside gets wet, it will expand and ruin your ring. Obvious water damage to standard rings will void your one year “simple” warranty.

Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are incredibly tough,  but it is a good idea to clean it every so often. Wash with dish soap to give it a nice clean. Use a toothbrush if you want a deeper clean. Then shine with a little Windex and you will amaze all who place their eyes upon it.

Tungsten Rings

Wash with mild soap and water. Tungsten rings are also incredibly tough, but they can lose their shine if you use harsh chemicals like bleach or certain cleaning chemicals. Tungsten can be split apart with vice grip pliers if you have an emergency.

Gold Rings

Wash gold rings with mild soap and water. Another good option is purchasing a jewelry cleaner that is meant for gold rings. Gold is softer than most metals, so it may scratch over time. Most local jewelers can buff out scratches for a small fee.

Diamond Inset Rings

Diamond inset rings can be cleaned by using a mild soap and water. This will remove any light debris and bring back that beautiful shine.